Oil Condition Monitoring

Kittiwake Developments Ltd. UK, global leader in providing products to monitor the condition of the Fuel or Lubes used in the engines, turbines and the other rotating equipments. Among Viscosity, Total Acid Number (TAN), Total Base Number (TBN), Water in Oil and insoluble a host of other parameters can be monitored in the field. Online sensors are also available to monitor the condition of oil.

Wear Debris

All machinery will wear with use. Contact and fatigue will produce a continuous stream of microscopic metallic particles. Highly accurate sensors that report on both the concentration, size, rate and composition of wear generation providing immediate indications of increased wear rates or impending failure. Kittiwake offers you technologies to instantly monitor ferrous wear particle concentration in PQ Index or ppm as well as prepare oil and grease samples for ferrography analysis and in depth investigations of accelerated wear mechanisms.

The Ferrous Eliminator

Microscopic Ferrous particles damage industrial fluid systems & degrade finished products. Magnom Magnetic Filters are the solution to ferrous contamination of industrial fluids.

Lube and Fuel Sampling

A range of lube and fuel sampling equipments from Kittiwake is available including the sampling equipments required for bunkering.

Acoustic Emission

Holroyd specialise in Acoustic Emissions Sensors and Condition Monitoring Systems for harsh industrial and marine environments. We employ the advantages of AE technology so that vibration analysis can be easily and quickly applied by maintenance staff on the factory floor!


Micro-organisms, ("diesel bugs!"), have evolved to utilise every available food source on Earth, so their presence in fuel is somewhat inevitable. One main change to the formulation of fuel will be the introduction of bio-fuel into the market which will contribute to the increasing incidence of the problem. Other issues include poor housekeeping and poor fuel quality at some global locations. The Jet Fuel Fungus and diesel bug, clogs up fuel filters and causes gauging errors. If left unchecked, its corrosive nature will eat through the fuel tank causing potential structure problems.

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  • DANTECH ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. becomes official distributor for Nansulate Energy Saving and Asset Protection Coatings,,

    DANTECH ENGINEERS PVT. LTD Start Regional office in Vizag The client in the state of Tamil Nadu , AP,Karnataka , Kerala & Odisha will be supported more closely from this office, Also Indian Navy ENC & SNC shell be supported from this office

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